“Felties” Needle Felted Sculpture


The History of Needle Felting

Felting is so much more than a craft. In fact, felt is the earliest known textile and has been used throughout history for various purposes — from art to survival.
Felting involves separating, condensing, and pressing fibers together to create a solid piece of textile. Needle felting involves rolling up a small amount of wool and stabbing it with a special barbed needle. When the wool is pierced with the felting needle, it pulls the wool into itself, eventually creating a round, firm shape. Felting as an Art Form While felting has been used for survival for centuries, there’s nearly always been an added element of art. My favorite use of felting, however, has to be the creation of these unique felted 3D sculptures! Creating realistic animal sculptures through needle felting is a popular art form due to wool’s ability to mimic the hair and fur of various animals.

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